Kieth Rosary's International Martial Arts Academy Awards
Welcome To Keith Rosary's International Martial Arts Academy

Senior Grand Master (SGM) Keith Rosary’s career began at the early age of 5, when his parents took him to an open house at a local Karate studio in his home town of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. His parents enrolled him in the program where he studied Judo, Tang Soo Do, and Tae Kwon Do from instructor Richard Landry, under the guidance of Kwang Sup Lee and Hwang Kee.

SGM Rosary competed locally, nationally and internationally and was very well known on the competition circuit. He is a 7-time State Champion, 5-time National Champion, 5- time International Champion and 7-time WORLD Champion.

By the age of 14, Keith received his first black belt and began teaching as an assistant instructor. Keith opened his own studio,”Tae Kwon Do Karate Academy” at just 15 yrs. old- which made him the youngest Sensei in the world and was featured on the hit tv show” That’s Incredible”. Wanting to continue his education, Keith started traveling to Boston to study Pai Lun Kung Fu from instructor Clarence Cooper under the guidance of Daniel K. Pai. After several years of Kung Fu training, Keith moved to California to broaden his teaching and studying of the arts.

Once in California, SGM Rosary met Howard Jackson, who became his 5th instructor. Howard taught Tang Soo Do under the Chuck Norris system and Muay Thai. SGM received master level status in both arts.

While in Hollywood, his unique skills in martial arts helped him to land roles in many action films alongside fellow martial artists such as; Eric Lee, Don Wilson, James Lew, Tadashi Yamashita and director Art Camacho.

In 2006 SGM Rosary opened “Keith Rosary’s International Martial Arts Academy” (I. M. A. A.) which features the “Seven Arts System”. This martial arts system was created by SGM Rosary based on the 7 different styles that he holds black belts in. Throughout the last 12 years IMAA students have competed in countless martial arts competitions. Under SGM Rosary’s tutelage these students have won and continue to win local, National and World Championships.


  • 3-time USA Hall of Fame recipient
  • 7-time State Champion
  • 5-time National Champion
  • 5-time International Champion
  • 7-time WORLD Champion
  • Doctorate Degree Martial Arts Philosophy & Martial Arts Science PH.D./D.Sc./Ma. Dsc.
  • Legend Award from AMAA
  • Barnstable Hometown Community Hero Award

IMAA Student Accomplishments:

  • 16 National Champions
  • 13 World Champions
  • IMAA holds the record for the most students to make a USA National martial arts team.